Our history

Our history

WHAT Digital journey started in October 2013 as Realweb Latvia, a small company in Europe. From the beginning, we offer our clients the most advanced and unique tools and systems that the digital marketing platform could offer.

In 2013, we signed the Google Ads cooperation agreement, acquired the Google certification, and attracted our first clients from various industries, such as medicine, food & beverage, construction, and many more.

Until 2015, we signed with other major platforms such as Facebook Ads. This was the year we introduced Calltracking tool – a system that allows you to associate ad channels and your company’s incoming calls. At that time, it was an innovative way to track potential leads for our customers. With the launch of this tool, we expanded in the market and presented us as a fierce competitor in the digital performance marketing industry.

A few years ago, we decided to expand into the export industry for expansion, getting into various markets and new opportunities. For more than 5 years of working in the export industry, we have clients from more than 15 countries in the world and our turnover comes up to 6 million USD per month. In addition, we also have our credit lines – no payments with your credit card! Working with clients abroad has provided us with international experience and more advanced knowledge for the future!

As one of the first ones, in 2022 we signed the contract and now we can offer our clients the Telegram Ads option. With the current popularity of messaging apps, we are proud to present that we can offer ads on this platform as well!

With the celebration of our 10th anniversary, we decided to change our visual identity completely. After hard work and innovation, we decided to switch from Realweb Latvia to WHAT Digital. Our new logo represents that we are bold and proud of our work, and the excellence star highlights the variety of services offered by our company. We are very proud of the result and are ready to present what WHAT Digital has to offer!

Looking ahead, we’re committed to innovation and growth. We’ll expand into new markets, and innovative services, and uphold our values of collaboration and sustainability. As we look ahead, we are confident that our collective efforts will enable us to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and continue delivering value to our customers, employees, and stakeholders. Together, we will write the next chapter of our company’s history, guided by our shared vision and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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