How to increase ROI with Google Search 360?

We wouldn’t surprise you if we told you that Google Ads has become an indispensable tool for any business looking to increase traffic to their website. Based on 2019 statistics, consumers perform more than 160 billion keyword searches per month on Google Search, while the Google Network has grown to 2 million websites and apps. Impressive, isn’t it?

All of this would sound great if we weren’t living in an era of complete digital transformation, where companies are constantly looking for tools to optimise and automate their advertising campaigns. Business demand has played a key role in Google developing a unique advertising tool called Google Search 360. So what are the differences and benefits of this tool?

Search 360 is an innovative tool that enables advertisers to create, optimise, manage, adjust and edit advertising campaigns across multiple accounts simultaneously, such as Yahoo, Microsoft Ads (ex. Bing), Baidu and Google Ads. These four are deservedly ranked in the world’s top 4 leading search engine companies. These search engines account for up to 180 billion searches per month. Search 360 allows you to aggregate information from all four sources and automate campaigns in real time. When it comes to ad automation, marketers can easily automate everyday tasks – from creating keywords to copying campaign changes from one ad system to another.

Conversion Optimiser collects and updates marketing campaigns with data from any website traffic (sessions, form completions, payments, etc.). As a result, campaigns are continuously updated with real-time data on audience performance (the achievement of the advertiser’s objectives).  This expands the possibilities for the Advertiser to improve campaigns and optimise increasingly complex conversions.

Google Search 360’s machine learning allows marketers to manage budgets, track structural changes to campaigns, event-driven changes and more, all on a single platform.

Customised purchases

Automatically create smaller product groups to help you achieve better sales.

Adjustable RLSA

Automatically add target audience lists (RLSA, similar target audiences, Customer Match, etc.).

Adaptable GEO

Automatically optimise GEO based on your campaign goals.

SEARCH360 Strategic Challenges for Business:

  • define and optimize KPIs to achieve precise business goals,
  • get detailed campaign management and customisation,
  • you’ll see the benefits of complete transparency, monitoring the achievement of each objective.

Another feature of the tool is the ability to create a pricing strategy across all accounts and automate bidding.

For a marketer, this will allow:

  • Optimise bidding prices to achieve pre-defined targets such as ROI, ERS, revenue. Set up Smart Bidding to maximise conversions within a given budget.
  • Optimise bidding prices to achieve the desired auction position or CPM target. Optimise your bidding position by impression share rather than average search engine position.
  • Optimise bid prices, budget limits and bid adjustments according to budget targets. Combine CPA targets with monthly budgets to ensure best value or best CPA. Always respect the day of the week and seasonality.

Google Search 360 gives marketers the power to use massive amounts of data to build campaigns, ad groups, keywords, Google Ads website links and set up Smart Bidding, resulting in more conversions, staying within budgets and campaigns’ CPA and ROI. Search Ads 360 automatically updates the campaigns created when the tool updates the data. We at RealWeb have achieved impressive results in campaign optimization and automation using this tool, so we are ready to share our experience with you.

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