Ad account audit

Are you actively working with Google and Facebook Ads?

Want to know for free whether your employees or partners are managing campaigns effectively and have made the necessary adjustments to ensure that your advertising delivers the best possible results?

Our team of experts will give you a free Google and Facebook Ads technical audit. It will help you understand if you use both platforms to the highest potential.

  • Both Google and Facebook regularly improve their platforms with new features and technical details.
  • It is not always possible to track all the latest updates, especially if they have a technical nuance.
  • The technical condition of advertising accounts can have a dramatic impact on results, as many rely on data collection and processing. If any of the steps are lame, this is reflected in the result.
  • Setting up ad accounts as correctly as possible often requires technical skills, mostly managed by IT specialists or highly experienced digital marketing specialists.
  • Our specialists have more than 20 years of combined experience. They will evaluate Google and Facebook ad account status within 72 hours.

  • In the Google and Facebook ad account audit we will showcase the general quality level, unused Google and Facebook updates, as well as problematic things that hinder the growth of the result.

  • If the ad accounts are set up properly
  • Are key marketing KPIs tracked
  • Whether the latest and most effective solutions are used
  • If the latest guidelines are followed for both platforms.

  • If necessary, experts will help you resolve the technical nuances that showed up in the audit.
  • They can make a thorough ad account audit to give you practical advice on how to improve ad account efficiency, based on your experience in your sphere.
  • Also, they can give your employees regular consultations that will increase knowledge and competence level.

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