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Every day, more than 3,5 billion people are using search engines Google, Bing, and Yandex for getting answers to their questions. Among these people are your potential customers. They are looking for a company, which will help to solve their problems, and will provide a service.

Our task is to help all these people to find and choose exactly your offer!

For promoting the website in search engines, SEO is one of the basic things that must be used when creating a website. Promotion is based on a set of different technical actions aimed at improving the site’s position in search engine results and increasing the site’s traffic. It also improves the company’s recognition.

  • I don’t see my website among the TOP 10 Google search results.
  • Website traffic is low.
  • The customer quickly leaves the website, does not make a purchases or does not fill in the form.
  • Customers get lost on the website and often ask clarifying questions.
  • My advertising agency does not offer ideas and suggestions, I have to think for myself how to improve the result.
  • Competitors are higher in the search results.

If the above reflects your situation in part, know that you are not alone. We solve these problems every day and we can help you.

SEO compared to ads, provides long-term results. Therefore, we implement an SEO strategy, taking into account all the details, so that the result is maintained for several years.

Improving website positions

One of the main goals of website optimisation is to improve the site’s position ‒ rise in organic search results. This process takes time, as you need to make various changes to both the content and the page codes so that the search engine crawler indexes your website in higher positions.

Increasing website traffic

Another goal that can be achieved with SEO is traffic increase. Search results or organic traffic is the most productive because people are looking for your product or service. The more people visit your website, the greater the chances that they will buy or choose your service or product.

Improving the quality of the website

To understand the condition of your website, we first perform a technical SEO audit. Based on the results of the audit, we create a technical task to improve the quality and functionality of the site. The quality and usability of the website need to be improved so that your customer can easily buy a service or product, and quickly find the necessary information; it should be improved so that the customer can enjoy your website. This will also reduce the Bounce rate.

Transparent results

Reports are made using SEO tools: Top Vizor, Semrush, Google Search Console, and others. It provides an opportunity to prepare transparent and visual reports on the most important aspects of advertising.

Expert recommendations

You will regularly receive recommendations from an SEO expert on how to improve results and on new tools that will allow you to reach and exceed your set KPI.

We provide a full SEO optimisation cycle. First we perform a full technical SEO audit, analyse competitors, develop a promotion strategy and then, based on it, start the improvement processes.

Full technical SEO audit
An audit involves the use of various tools and the analysis of results to identify problem situations on the site. As a result of the in-depth SEO audit, the problems of the website are identified, recommendations for the improvement of the website’s positions are provided, as well as conclusions on the website’s readiness for further SEO promotion. By correcting technical errors, it is possible to significantly improve the position of the website.

On-site SEO
Mainly related to the creation of the content of the website and the arrangement of other technical parameters. Search engines, such as Google, use robots to constantly crawl and analyze all sites on the internet to find new information and update existing information. Based on this, the robots place the website in organic results. Search engine crawlers are interested in technical factors (website customization for mobile devices, website load speed, robots.txt file configuration, etc.) and factors related to website content (META information, text formatting, page URL configuration, number of outbound and internal links, etc.).

Off-site SEO
Includes all activities on the search network (externally from the website) that increase the site’s importance in ranking realized by search engine robots. External development is related to the creation of high-quality external links and content (backlinks) and works with forums, blogs, and social networks (SMM).

SEO analysis of competitors’ websites
In the context of SEO, competitors are websites that appear in Google (or other search engines) in the TOP 10 results when you enter the required keyword or phrase. At this stage, we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of your competitors’ websites. Such research needs to be performed to eliminate page gaps and to find out how you can get higher than your competitors in the results.

More and more companies understand the importance of digital marketing in achieving business goals, so competitors can entice your customers who are actively looking for products in the most popular search engines, such as Google and Bing.

To avoid such situations, it is important to use multiple ad sources that can operate in tandem at the same time.

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