How to sell 53% of flats and boost site traffic by 300% in 7 months

Parka Kvartāls is a project that includes four multi-flat residential buildings with flour floors each. Flats in these buildings will have lots of natural light, private gardens and terraces. The main goal of the project is to provide a high-quality and sustainable living space to its clients close to Riga City Centre, well-developed infrastructure, while staying surrounded by nature and with close access to Jūrmala beaches, kids’ playgrounds, and entertainment centers.

Services: Property Developer,

GEO: Latvia

Sources: Google search ads, Google display ads, Facebook + Instagram ads

Analytics: Google Analytics, Call Tracking analytics

Collaboration period: June 2021 to December 2021 (7 months)

Strategic goals:

  • Increase the amount of filled lead forms, emails, and phone calls.
  • Maximise brand awareness.
  • Increase brand search.
  • Create a funnel of potential audiences.

Basic KPI for the agency’s goals in Latvia were the following:

  • Increase the number of filled lead forms and decrease the cost per lead submission.
  • Obtain new subscribers on the Facebook page and promote the benefits of the project on social media.
  • Promote the project using video and banner ads on social media.

Results are measured based on the amount of filled lead forms on the website.

Get the user involved in communication with the brand by creating a comfortable environment on the website (convenient functionality and navigation, attractive offers, detailed and useful information, a high level of customer service).

Split the audience into ‘new’, ‘returning’, and ‘portfolio’ segments in making personalized offers.

Stimulate returning clients by using settings in Google Analytics and social media channels for additional promotion.

Parka Kvartāls has confidently entered the advertising market. Together with the client, we have chosen 4 main marketing channels – Facebook, Instagram, Google search engine and Google Display Network. Google search is being used by the target audience to look for apartments in new projects. At the same time, Facebook, Instagram and Display ads are bringing attention to the new project and boost website traffic and hot leads.

The first step was to set up all the necessary metrics and to adapt all advertising campaigns to specific goals.

The following actions were taken:

  • For the Google Display Campaign, a broad auditory with manual CPC strategy was chosen to track audience performance. Different landing pages were tested.
  • For the Google Search Campaign, broad match keywords were used as well as a max conversion strategy optimised for lead and contact conversions. Search terms were tracked and analysed. Later, search terms were added to campaigns or negative keywords.
  • For Facebook campaigns, the audience was segmented by interests, demographics, and age. As the strategy, landing page optimisation was applied, so different landing pages were tested.
  • Working together with webpage developers to improve UI/UX design.

Changes that were made during the process:

  • Google display ads audiences were changed to All visitors and Similar to All visitors.
  • Four best performing in-market segment audiences were left as well.
  • Google search ads keywords were changed to phrase match. The brand search campaign was created.
  • Facebook/Instagram campaign strategy was changed to lead optimisation.
  • Remarketing and lookalike audience tested.

  • 53% of the apartments were sold out.
  • Brand awareness increased due to successful video and banner campaigns.
  • Site traffic increased by 300%.
  • According to Google Analytics, the brand name today brings the biggest number of filled lead forms.
  • The chosen strategy of integrated Facebook and Google campaigns was highly successful, so the search for the brand name increased by 52%.

The main purpose of the banner ads was to reach a new audience, make current audiences return to the website, and motivate them to buy apartments.

Settings and tools that helped to improve the results:

  • UI/UX page improvements. For example, pop-up windows with a specific call to action.
  • Brand recognition.
  • Testing various Google ads and Facebook ads audience and strategies.
  • Visualization and text testing for ad copies.
  • Creative Banner constant renewal.


  • The interest of people living in places surrounded by nature is greatly increasing, especially among families due to the location and conditions.
  • User-friendly design of the website is essential, as it attracts visitors, makes navigation easier and increases the duration of the session.
  • A correctly chosen strategy, the use and continuous testing of various Google and Facebook ads audience and strategies, and attractive visuals, led to 53% signed contracts.
  • Correct selection of marketing channels, sufficiency of marketing budgets, segmentation of the market audience, use of ad automation tools, was the key to the increase in brand awareness and inflow of potential clients’ organic traffic.

It is a pleasure to work with the whole digital team at WHAT Digital. They’ve knowledge of websites, paid platforms, technical details, campaign analytics, content creation and all things digital is a breath of fresh air. Many agencies claim to understand and know what’s going on in the marketplace, but this firm really does! They are relentless when it comes to results and are really oriented towards the success of your campaigns!


Head of Marketing, Parka Kvartāls

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