LEGO®: Crafting Digital Adventures Brick by Brick

A company founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen is the basis of the legendary LEGO constructors and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gaming materials. The company’s motto is “Only the best is good enough”. The company aims to inspire those who hold the future in their hands and to contribute to the development of creativity in a playful and educational way. LEGO products are sold around the world. Website

Type of promotion: SEO promotion on Google by keywords.

Industry: toys, constructors.

Client problems: multiple duplicate pages, errors in programming code, lack of mobile version, and lack of image optimization.


  • Website optimization
  • Website visibility increase on the search engines 
  • Attracting additional traffic to the website
  • Average conversion increase on the website

Target market: Latvia

Chosen SEO strategy: SEO website optimization.

  • Complex website audit
  • Detailed analysis of competitors’ websites
  • Created a semantic core, based on 1852 queries
  • Setup of technical tasks for primary optimization set and implementation
  • Adjusted page layout (according to HTML standards)
  • Technical tasks were written for mobile optimization

LEGO website visibility increased by 1,6 times on Google. We achieved a 27,6% increase for the main product groups.

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