New product popularization and target audience reach

Campaign goal – increase knowledge of HUAWEI as manufacturer of advanced ICT solutions for industry and generate interest in the category, ahead of other brands to conquer the market

Create an association between advance ICT solutions for industry and HUAWEI brand
ecome a leader in sales among manufacturers of advanced ICT solutions for industry

To engage in communication with the brand on the expert territory. Change the attitude to the brand.Tell about the category.

Create a “problem” and give a ready-made solution. Describe possible usage scenarios.

Stimulate the purchase of products.

To achieve the goals outlined in the brief, it is important to focus on the following factors:

  • The creative concept. The most important is to attract attention of target audience through the creatives.
  • Advertising channels, placement of advertising
  • Timeline. It is important that online advertising works constantly, in a split with other channels
  • The number of contacts, ideally the cumulative R&F ratio should be 7-8
  • Personalization message

  • Context and Target Ad
  • Direct login on website
  • Medias
  • Native Articles And Special Projects
  • Website of the company
  • Display Ads
  • RTB
  • Text and text-graphic retargeting
  • Media Retargeting


Split of budget

Cost per Click: Planned vs Reached (Eur)

47,86% CPC optimization

Clicks: Planned vs Reached

36,51% Traffic increase

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