Papa John’s: Flavorful Journey Across the Globe

Papa John’s is an American pizza restaurant franchise. It is the 4th largest pizza delivery restaurant chain in the United States. Papa John`s franchise operates in 47 countries all around the world. In Europe, restaurants are represented in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cyprus, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Website

Type of promotion: SEO promotion on Google by keywords

Industry: food & beverage.

Client problems: multiple duplicate pages, errors in programming code, lack of mobile version, and lack of image optimization.


  • Website optimization
  • Attracting additional traffic to the website
  • Average conversion increase on the website
  • Securing new cooperation partners

Target market: Sweden, Lithuania

Chosen SEO strategy: SEO website optimization.

Data Integration:

  • Detailed measurement plan and taxonomy, compatible with CRM and other app data format
  • Stable behavioral data tracking for multiple cities, products, and landing pages
  • Measurement Protocol integration for Google Analytics – CRM data convergence maximization
  • Custom categories for product, marketing, and business tasks (for example: order number, RFM segmentation, delivery and order type, promo codes, etc.)
  • Custom reports for marketing agencies and other service providers

CRM Integration example


  • In-depth qualitative and quantitative ad-hoc research 
  • Online and offline ads mutual influence analysis
  • Web app user flow analysis
  • In-depth post-view media campaign analysis
  • Recommendations for algorithm engineering (products and product categories)
  • Subscription pricing modeling
  • ARPPU factor analysis

TV flight impact analysis (on-site behavior impact)

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