SEO strategy success story: Binance on the Latvian market

Binance is the world’s biggest blockchain ecosystem. They offer a wide range of products, such as the world’s largest crypto market, educational centre, the NFT market, and much more. Their mission is to provide cryptocurrency infrastructure for the future. Our main target for this client was to position the Binance website higher on Google. Website

Type of promotion: SEO promotion on Google search based on keyword demand.

Field: finance, cryptocurrencies.

The client’s problem: Low SEO positions in Latvian. 

Target: Rank in the top 10 Google search positions for Latvian keywords.

Target market: Latvia.

Chosen SEO strategy: link building purchase.

Site creation is a marketing strategy used in the digital world to gain connections from others to your own links. It is also called “white hat” link creation. Incoming backlink amount and quality directly influence search engine positions, especially on Google.

This is a crucial part of website optimisation and known as one of the strongest tools to achieve the highest place in the search engine. Marketing people know this term as the SERP or Search Engine Results Page.

What is the point of creating backlinks? High-quality backlinks create quality indicators and increases trustworthiness for search engines. Programmes such as Ahrefs or Seprstat can be used to check a website’s backlinks.

Before starting cooperation with the client, we completed an SEO technical audit to close the loopholes. For this client, we used Ahrefs to check the backlinks within the client’s website. We also recreated the website content using the most important SEO keywords in the client’s industry, which was a success.

  • Analysis of the client and a chosen competitor
  • Backlink strategy creation 
  • Donor website creation
  • Ad article preparation
  • Ad article purchase and placement, according to SEO criteria on the platforms 
  • Result optimisation and analysis.

  • Out of almost 1,700 keywords, the client has 700 new keywords that can be found in the Google search engine
  • On 28 keywords, the client has the TOP spot on Google, thanks to our support.
  • 351 keywords got into the TOP 10, i.e.-> we achieved the client’s target. For 195 keywords, we saw a positive traffic change.

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