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Apple Search Ads, also known as ASA, is a marketing channel that connects the companies that own apps with the correct target audience.
are one of the most effective ways to increase business performance today. Such ads are suitable for both small and large companies.

Thanks to the data available on Apple Search Ads about user behavior and interests, they provide the opportunity to select and address a very precise target audience at the lowest possible cost.

  • My app is not visible in high places on the platforms.
  • The campaigns have been running on autopilot for several months and the result does not change.
  • My ads don’t bring such great results, as expected.
  • Apple Search Ads generate sales, but costs exceed revenue.
  • I cannot reach the set KPI result.
  • My advertising agency does not offer ideas and suggestions, I have to think for myself about how to improve the result.

If the above reflects your situation in part, know that you are not alone. We solve these problems every day and we can help you.

In an ideal scenario, we want a potential customer to see the ad, respond, and then purchase the product. Unfortunately, this path to purchase tends to be much longer: noticing the ad, viewing the product, reading reviews about the product, evaluating competitors’ offers, waiting for someone’s announcement about discounts, and only making a purchase after 20 days.

If at any stage a potential customer does not see you or has a negative experience with your brand, you risk losing that customer. Concerning your customers’ complex path to purchase, our goal is to ensure that by investing in Apple Search Ads, you achieve the sales results you want with the ROAS you want.

Strategic approach

In developing your strategy, we’ll also look at how Apple Search Ads can drive sales and what other tools can help you reach your KPI.

Maximum efficiency

Thanks to our shared experience, we know from day one what Apple Search Ads approach and strategy can help drive immediate sales growth.

Transparent results

Reports are generated using the Google Data Studio and in the Apple Search Ads platform. It provides an opportunity to prepare transparent and visual reports on the most important aspects of advertising.

Expert recommendations

You’ll regularly receive specialist advice on improving your ads campaigns, ideas for improving your website, new tools, and opportunities that can help you exceed your set KPI.

Before we start creating ads, we need to know your KPI or measurable results that need to be achieved. This approach will allow our experts to address aspects of advertising that may directly affect KPI performance.

Selection of audience
Before activating your first advertising campaigns, it’s important to understand:

  • who your target audience is (demographics, geography, special features, interests, etc.);
  • what problem your product/service solves;
  • how your product/service helps customers;
  • what are the benefits of your product/service.

This information will allow us to create compelling and engaging ads in a variety of formats, as well as reach the most relevant audience from day one.

User segmentation
Each user may be at a different stage of the purchase, so they will be divided into different segments depending on their behavior, which helps them to display the most relevant ad which will create a positive impression of your brand.

By creating personalized ads, you have the opportunity to reach users who have visited your website or interacted with your business page on Apple Search Ads. In practice, these types of campaigns generate the best sales results.

Analytical approach
Experts are competent and experienced to make decisions based on data. Before making any changes, the expert examines the available data. They are researched on Google Analytics and Apple Search Ads advertising platforms. Additional tools are involved as needed to allow even more detailed analysis.

Each Apple Search Ads campaign is monitored regularly, including:

  • disconnecting audiences that do not reach the set KPI;
  • creating a new audience on a look-a-like basis;
  • testing different audiences based on interest combinations;
  • replacing or correcting text ads and banners;
  • performing A/B testing to determine which ad unit can generate better results.

Given that Apple Search Ads is developing the capabilities of artificial intelligence every day, now is the right time to use the automation strategies developed by the platform. In our experience, when we turn on automation under certain conditions, we see a significant increase in conversions.

Various ad elements are regularly tested: ad content and delivery, campaign and bid settings, keywords, etc.

Summary of the result
At the beginning of each month or upon request, a summary of ads results is prepared based on the KPI set by the client, as well as suggestions and recommendations are made.

More and more companies understand the importance of digital marketing in achieving business goals. As a result, competitors can entice potential customers before they go to Google’s search engine for a product/service.

To avoid such situations, it is important to use multiple ad sources that can operate in tandem at the same time.

Ads solutions that go hand in hand with Apple Search Ads:

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