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Telegram is one of the main messaging platforms in the world. Statistics show that more than 55 million people use the platform every day. Not so long ago, Telegram announced that you can now place ads on the platform & we are one of the first digital marketing agencies to offer this product in the market!

Telegram allows you to create your target audience, based on different criteria than in other platforms. Read the article to find out information about Telegram Ads!

  • I am looking for options to target my audience, based on language.
  • Looking for new ways to attract my audience.
  • The generated lead number is quite significant, however, I am not satisfied with the quality.
  • The ad generates sales, but the costs overlap the income.
  • My digital marketing agency doesn’t offer ideas & suggestions, I need to think about how can I improve the result.

If the above reflects your situation in part, know that you are not alone. We solve these problems every day and we can help you.

Wide user coverage

Advertisers have the opportunity to attract a huge audience every day. With Your ads, you can reach up to 2 billion displays every day!

Native and unobtrusive formats

Currently, Telegram Ads are only available in text format, up to 160 characters. You can redirect the client to your Telegram channel, post, or the created bot. Please note that you cannot redirect your target audience to the private channel & it needs to have at least 1000 subscribers. In addition, you can add links to the Telegram ad, where to later redirect the client.

Data storage

Telegram Ads platform ensures full data confidentiality. Once the ad is shown, no user data will be used to showcase the ad and they will be safe.

Target audience, based on communities

The biggest ad platforms allow you to choose the target audience, according to geolocation, gender, age, etc. Telegram Ads has other criteria on how to choose the target audience – read below to find out more!

As mentioned before, one of the most important features to know about Telegram Ads is the target audience selection criteria. One of the most common things used in audiences is the geolocation. Telegram allows you to pick your audience, based on the language, channels, or categories.

Another specification to mention is the ad language. Currently, the platform offers ads only in the Russian language. Telegram has noted that you will be able to advertise in more languages, such as English, Spanish, and others! We will inform you right away, as this option becomes available!

An important factor to note is the Telegram Ads account budget. At this moment, the platform allows the creation of the first payment for at least 1500 EUR. This is not only for one ad campaign – you can spend it for the whole duration of your contract & add money to the ad account, once the budget is spent.

Besides the specifications, Telegram Ads are a good way to reach your target audience! Fill out the form below & get Your offer for Telegram Ads!

We already mentioned that Telegram Ads vary from the common advertising platforms, such as Google and Facebook. Introducing a mini preview of how we work with the Telegram Ads platform.

Audience creation and user segmentation
Before the first ad campaigns are launched, it is valid to note:

  • what are your target audience selection criteria;
  • what kind of problem your product resolves;
  • how does your product / service help the clients;
  • what are the benefits of your product / service.

This information allows us to create more engaging ads, according to the Telegram Ads criteria, and reach the most relevant target audience from day one.

Ad creation
Our ads specialists will create the ads, based on the set parameters, according to the platform. Such as ad text length, your allocated ad budget, the added links, and any other bits and bobs.

Analytical approach
Specialists have the expertise and experience to make a decision based on data. Before any changes are made, the specialist studies the available data. This is studied in the Telegram advertising platform account, where statistics on phenomena, new subscribers or subscriptions, budget spending, etc. are displayed. The advertising specialists will add UTM tags to your links so that you can track the results of your advertising more effectively.

We will regularly test out various ad elements: different ad texts, CTA buttons, and other options, provided by Telegram.

Result Summary
At the beginning of every month, based on the demand, our specialists will prepare a report of the ad results with the previously set KPI from the client’s side.

More and more companies understand the importance of digital marketing in achieving business goals. As a result, competitors can entice potential customers before they go to Google’s search engine for a product/service.

To avoid such situations, it is important to use multiple ad sources that can operate in tandem at the same time.

Advertising solutions that go hand in hand with Telegram Ads:

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